Chair: Brenda Lyerly Vice-Chair: Johnny Riddle Secretary: Chris Jones Treasurer: Valerie Jaynes

Officer Duties [According to HCCOG Bylaws]:

Chair - The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and shall conduct said meetings in an orderly and impartial manner so as to permit a free and full discussion by the membership of such matters as may be brought before the Board.  The Chair shall have the same voting rights as other members of the Executive Board.

  • The Chair shall be limited to two consecutive terms.
  • The Chair shall generally ensure that all resolutions and policy directions of the Council are carried out.
  • The Chair represents the Council at various public meetings, hearings, and other functions at which Council affairs may be discussed or considered.
  • The Chair shall appoint an Advisory Committee to review and recommend on budgetary, personnel, administrative, and other matters as appropriate, which may be considered and/or acted upon by the Executive Board.  Membership of the Advisory Committee shall broadly represent member governments and shall include at least one county or municipal representative from each of the seven counties in Region D.  All officers shall serve on the Advisory Committee.
  • The Chair may appoint such other committees as found to be necessary or desirable for the proper functioning of the Council.

Vice Chair - The Vice Chair shall perform all the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair, or in the event of the inability of the Chair to act, and, the Vice Chair shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board.

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep or arrange for the keeping of minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Executive Board, including a record of all votes on questions before the Board.  Said minutes shall be mailed to all members of the Executive Board at least five (5) days prior to the date of the next regular meeting.  Upon approval of the minutes by the Executive Board, they shall be filed in books to be kept for that purpose.  The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall oversee arrangement for financial transactions of the Council and assure that a special bank account is maintained in the name of the Region D Council of Governments.  The Treasurer shall arrange for the preparation and distribution of a monthly expenditure report, giving a summary of expenditures for the month and the total percent expended for the fiscal year to date.  The Treasurer shall ensure that the accounts of the Council are submitted for audit each year as required by North Carolina General Statutes 159-34 and grantor agencies of the Federal Government.  The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board.