Geographic Information Systems

The High Country Council of Governments provides specialized Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) services throughout its seven county region on a contract basis. The HCCOG maintains the resources and professional staff to meet all GIS/GNSS needs for internal departmental and member local government support including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Consulting
  • GIS Needs Assessment (Hardware & Software)
  • Project Setup & Management
  • Data Conversion, Repair, and Editing (i.e., road centerlines rectification, parcel repair, CAD to GIS infrastructure conversions, etc.)
  • Update & Maintenance of Existing Data (i.e., fire districts, zoning, town limits, E911, etc.)
  • GNSS Mapping Services
  • Custom Cartographic Design & Production Services (variety of scales and sizes)
  • Analysis and Modeling (site suitability analysis, topographic modeling, transportation analysis, demographic analysis, environmental analysis, etc)


Through maintaining an ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop license with 3D and Spatial Analyst software extensions, the COG has full capability of conducting simple to complex modeling and analysis. Also, HCCOG maintains an ESRI ArcPublisher extension as a means to advance member localities’ use of GIS data. It allows users to view spatial data in a free, easy-to-use desktop mapping application, ArcReader. HCCOG also creates custom web-based solutions using ArcGIS Online.

HCCOG performs numerous GNSS-collection projects at centimeter horizontal x,y accuracy level with a Trimble Geo7x mobile device. The GNSS device allows HCCOG staff to capture location and attribute information for any feature such as sidewalks, trails, stormwater, water/sewer systems, etc.

 Through maintaining working relationships with federal and state entities such as NC DOT GIS, NC DEQ, Blue Ridge Parkway, and NC CGIA, HCCOG stores an extensive library of local, state, and federal GIS datasets. Within our region, HCCOG maintains various municipalities’ GIS data, such as zoning, town limits, land use, E911, and infrastructure. The HCCOG GIS Planner also service as a NC State Data Center Affiliate to assist with data discovery, retrieval, and demographic mapping.